We are looking for men and women to be a part of a national advertising campaign for Sam’s Club.


In order to be considered for the project, please fill out the Q&A form below and include a recent photo of yourself.


The team at Donna Grossman casting will review your submission. If it meets the needs of our project, we’ll send you a special download link for an app called Gig Pig. You can install this app on your iPhone or Android device.


Once you’ve downloaded the app, you’ll see various types of selfie videos you can make. This is how you’ll make your submission video the next time you’re in your local Sam’s Club.  The app will automatically submit your video for review by the Sam’s Club advertising team.


Should the team decide to use and share your video, you’ll be featured in the new Sam’s Club ad campaign. You will be compensated up to $250.00.

Casting is open to Sam's Club Members

and Non Members

in NJ, NY, PA and CT.

Sam's Club Locations

Using the form below, please tell us about your Sam's Club experiences.

If you are not a member, tell us why you might consider becoming one.

We will  need your contact info, Sam's Club Membership number (if you are a member), your Instagram and Facebook ID and some additional information.  Please be sure to include a photo of yourself.

All submitted materials will be reviewed by the Donna Grossman Casting Team.

This is open to all residents of the above noted states. All casting submissions become the property of

Donna Grossman Casting, Inc.  This notice is for a casting search and is not a contest.

If you have any questions about this campaign before you submit,

please email us at

Casting Actors, Models & Real People

for Directors, Photographers & their producers.