3 STEP SELF-SUBMISSION INSTRUCTIONS NOTE: You must have a pair of clear (non tinted) glasses to wear in your self-submission audition. STEP 1: PHOTOS Take the 8 photos listed below. Background: Solid color preferred (nothing distracting behind you) Framing: Top of head to just below shoulders, plus 1 full body shot (see below) Lighting: Adequate lighting so we can see you clearly. Camera/Phone Placement: EYE LEVEL- avoid distortion

PHOTO 1: No Glasses

Natural smile.

PHOTO 2: No Glasses

3/4 Right

PHOTO 3: No Glasses

3/4 Left

PHOTO 4: No Glasses

Full Body

PHOTO 6: With Glasses


PHOTO 7: With Glasses

3/4 Right

PHOTO 8: With Glasses

3/4 Left

PHOTO 9: With Glasses

Show some personality

STEP 2: VIDEOS To create your audition videos, set your camera/phone far enough back so you can get a full body shot and set the height at CHIN LEVEL. Settings: Do not record in HEIC or greater than 1080 @ 30FPS. We will not be able use your video if you don't adjust your settings. VIDEO 1: Close up mid chest to top of your head. Note: If you actually wear glasses then shoot your video with them on. If you don't wear glasses and are using a prop pair, then shoot without them. Slate your name, show us your 3/4 profiles(like the photos), then face the camera and tell us the following: • What do you see for your generation? • What are you passionate about? • What do you love to do in your free time? VIDEO 2: Full Body, head to toe - MOVEMENT VIDEO Seeing how you move is super important. Hip Hop, Break Dance, even skateboarding outside. We want to see how you move. If you dance, you can add in some music if you like. We want to see your style, your uniqueness and your spirit. See the samples below and the Converse Instagram video.


Mid chest to top of head.

STEP 3: SUBMIT Use the link below to submit your completed photos and video. If you have any questions, please email us at


Deadline: Wednesday, Sept 2

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