The campaign is closed and has been cast as of May 25, 2017

Thank you for your interest.

 A PRO-WOMAN, PRO- AGE, SUSTAINABLE & ORGANIC SKIN CARE LINE FOR WOMEN OF EVERY GENERATION Donna Grossman Casting in New York City is searching for NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL WOMEN, 40 to 75 years young! We are looking for real women who are beautiful, confident and sexy from the inside out. Women who are embracing their age, NOT fighting it. Women who are confident and sexy in their own natural skin, regardless of their age. Women who are not afraid to have their faces show that they live, laugh and love. • LINES ARE GREAT! • WRINKLES ARE GREAT! • FRECKLES ARE GREAT! What’s important is that all of the women we meet feel beautiful in their own skin, glow from within, radiate confidence & are comfortable being authentic, truthful and open about their own journey to feeling beautiful at any age. I AM THAT WOMAN, HOW DO I APPLY? To apply to be a part of this skin care campaign, we need to see the real you. Please email a photo of yourself; one that shows us who you are with minimal make up, and a brief casual video (self-tape from cell phone is fine!) telling us a little bit about yourself and your life style and why you would be right for this campaign. I’VE BEEN SELECTED? NOW WHAT? If you are selected, you will NEED to be interviewed IN PERSON by DONNA GROSSMAN at our NEW YORK CITY Studios during the week of May 22nd, 2017. NOTE: There is NO cost OR compensation for the interview, however, if you are chosen to be a part of the campaign and hired to attend the BOOM! shoot, you will be given complimentary BOOM! skin care products to use, AND there will be PAYMENT for your time at the shoot, and for the usage of your photos and videos.
12 west 27th street • 10th floor • New York, NY 10001 • 212.598.2344