Donna Grossman Casting is seeking actual families of 4

(parents and two children) plus a female adult family friend to be in a Betty Crocker Photo Shoot.


Families in all of their Betty Crocker awesomeness gleefully baking together and delighting in their home baked Betty Crocker Creations.



This casting is for families of FOUR plus one of their adult female friends.

Casting is inclusive and open to all ethnicities.





This casting is not for individuals.


*All families and their adult friend must be in the same Covid circle. This female 'friend' could possibly be a sister to one of the parents.

Everyone must be residents of the QUAD STATE area: NY, NJ, CT and PA.

  • Parents, 25-45 years old
  • 2 Children (of above parents) 3-12 years old
  • Female family friend*, 25 - 45 years old























 As the holidays approach, everyone wants to be a Betty Crocker!

Their apron is their cape and they become the baking heroes of their family, gleefully delighting in the baking process and the awesomeness of their creations!

Show us how your family (and friend) Betty Crockers it up!





  • Use cell phone or camera and make sure light is adequate.
  • Each person will need SIX pictures. See list below:


   INDIVIDUAL STILLS for each person:


  1. Smiling Head shot: Top of head to mid-chest. Nice smile showing teeth.
  2. 3/4 Profile: Left
  3. 3/4 Profile: Right
  4. Full length: Head to toe body shot.
  5. Hands: Positioned in front of face, flat and relaxed. Sleeves rolled up.----->
  6. Action shot: Happily mixing your batter, tasting or just showing your creation!




   Pictures of various family members gleefully baking together & delighting in their

   cakes, cookies or muffins. Everyone is having a good time; lots of laughter.
















This should be a 2 minute VIDEO of your family with their family friend in the kitchen happily baking for the holidays. Children should be helping.


Begin with everyone saying their name to camera one at a time.

Then video your family gleefully baking (not pretending to bake) and having fun (ignoring the camera).

In the video include lots of measuring, stirring, tasting the batter, laughing (don't be afraid to get messy!) and finally eating the fresh made goodies with sheer pride and delight! Eating should be fun and happy but never crude.




• Use a Tripod or other device to hold your camera/cell phone in place HORIZONTALLY.

• Make sure you position the camera a good distance from each person and at eye level to avoid distortion.*

• Lighting must be adequate so that we can see you clearly. Avoid having a window behind. This will close down your lens.



iPHONE/ANDROID Settings: DO NOT record video or photograph in HEIC or record video greater than 1080 @ 30FPS (these settings are in your phone's SETTINGS section). We will not be able use your video and photos if you do not adjust your settings.



  • Make sure all photos and video are renamed correctly. Without names,  we can't identify who is who.
  • After you have completed your video and photos go to our submission page: SUBMISSION PAGE
  • DEADLINE Tuesday September 1.


If you have any upload issues, please email us at   •PDF VERSION TO PRINT

COVID-19 NOTE: This photo shoot will be produced according to the most up-to-date Covid-19 related shoot and production guidelines to ensure the health and safety of all those taking part*.

*Only family members and their female adult friend that have been living together or seeing each other regularly during the Pandemic can be considered for this shoot.


Due to COVID TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS, all submissions must live in the QUAD STATE AREA: NY, NJ, CT and PA.



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