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SURVIVORS: Our casting of Real People who have survived different adversities of life.

Created, Directed and Photographed by Richard Phibbs for AWE: Alive We're Empowered.

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AWE: Alive We're Empowered


Donna Grossman cast REAL PEOPLE who have survived adversity in their life.  To do this on a nationwide search, we spread the word through all of our social media channels as well as researching for new channels to find survivors that had a story to tell and could tell it well, on camera.


We looked for people who have survived any adversity in life: Physical, Emotional, Medical, Sexual and more.


Our search lasted 4 weeks and resulted in live auditions in our NYC studio of over 75 inspiring, strong, wonderful people. The stories that Donna Grossman was able to record were amazing, powerful and emotional. Not just for those telling the story but for Donna and our team to hear and experience.


The casting resulted in more stories and people than we could have imagined. In the end, of the 75 people who came to the casting, AWE chose 6 incredible men and women. Richard Phibbs provided amazing photography and Directed the video with Joe Toto's fantastic Cinematography.

Casting for Directors and Photographers