Anatomy of a Casting I: Punch With every casting project there is a brief, sometimes a treatment, sometimes layouts, a script, story board, etc. Occasionally we get everything. But once in a while we are given a project that has all the needed elements and is clearly defined with its materials and ideas in place at the start. PUNCH was one such project.
We cast PUNCH for SANDRO FILMS with the awarded photographer Sandro. The goal of the project was to cast real men; men who had a rugged look, a bit of scruff and a great look in their eyes. Plus they had to be believable while holding a cigar. This had to look natural for them. After a great conference call with Sandro and the production team. Donna Grossman and our team agreed that we needed to change up our look for this casting. This project became so much more than just finding the right men. This was only the starting point. Sandro had a clearly defined creative vision and we needed to help him achieve it. We had to adapt our casting studio lighting, our lenses, and the shots Donna would take in the casting session. Donna had to direct the actors to show the right look and style that met the needs of the creative. Multiple casting shots were taken and all tight close-ups. The Layout Follow the layout's key points: Dark lighting, black background and an extreme closeup.
The Casting Session. We went with black background, very subdued lighting and added a portrait lens instead of our usual multi-focal length lens. We adjusted everything to show the dark side along with a clearly identifiable and detailed lighter side just as the layout showed and as Sandro planned to shoot on set. Below are two casting images by Donna Grossman.
Comparison The final casting choices followed the look and the style of the creative. Sandro was true to his vision and creative goals of the project.
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