Anatomy of a Casting II: Dentyne Blast

Dentyne was a very special shoot that we cast for McCann and the incredible underwater and sports photographer, Poby. The goals of the shoot were simple enough. Cast a handsome young man and beautiful young woman who can move, lock eyes, convey emotion and kiss.

Easy enough, right?

However, once we reviewed the creative, we knew this would be anything but simple; as the couple had to swim and kiss... UNDERWATER! To keep this true to the creative goals, we needed to hold our casting on location at an indoor pool.


We needed a pool with an underwater viewing window so Donna Grossman could shoot and record the models as they swam. To narrow our search even further, we needed a conveniently located pool with easy access to mass transit for the models and actors.


After tons of research, we found a pool in New Jersey, window and all! It was perfect. Our team was assembled with all the location gear; video, photo, communications for talking to the surface from the under ground window and enough of our casting team to make it all happen.

Casting Shot 1: Typical shots (dry) of the models before they take their plunge

Casting Shot 2: Underwater shots

The location allowed us to capture the models just as the creative needed; swimming and kissing. Poby, the agency, and the client, were able to pick their choice models in the right environment, guaranteeing no surprises when it came time to shoot!


The casting matched the creative perfectly, and the final work by Poby, as you can see, is simply gorgeous. The final media elements included outdoor, truck sides, magazines and more.

This project was a hit from concept to casting to completion, we're so honored to have cast it!

But, it wasn't over just because the promotion ended.

Dentyne Blast took on another life as it was written up in trade publications including Resource Magazine highlighting the complexity of the shoot, including the casting and Poby's commitment to the creative.

Recently in October 2015, the primary image for Dentyne Blast was chosen to be the cover of Fall 2015 Edition of WORKBOOK the industry Directory of Photographers.


Can we say that casting Dentyne for Poby was a BLAST!



Agency: McCann Erikson

Sr Art Director: Regan Warner

Sr. Art Producer: Amy Salzman

Photography: Poby

Represented by Doug Truppe

Production: Big Splash Ellen Erwitt

Models: Alhia Chacoff; CESD Jeremiah Silva; Wilhelmina Models


Casting: Donna Grossman

12 west 27th street • 10th floor • New York, NY 10001 • 212.598.2344